Upper Great Lakes

The Resilient Future Project

The Upper Great Lakes team is led by the M&M Area Community Foundation and its community partners in Wisconsin and Michigan, which include engineering staff; professors from University of Wisconsin–Green Bay, Marinette Campus; City and County of Menominee elected officials; volunteers; as well as the site owner for the proposed rain garden.

The team developed its action agenda in response to increased storm events in the region and aims to raise awareness of green- and graywater infrastructure tools that can mitigate the negative impacts of storm events on the health and well-being of communities along the northern shore of Lake Michigan.

The Partners


Created plan to construct an environmentally advantageous and aesthetically appealing rain garden complex that replaces an existing parking lot water runoff system

Received $68,000 grant from the Fund for Lake Michigan to complete a feasibility and design study for a 19.5-acre rain garden

Received a $100,000 grant from the Fund for Lake Michigan to construct the rain garden

Leveraged approximately $225,000 of private funding to complete the rain garden project


Paula Gruszynski

Executive Director of the M&M Area Community Foundation