Equitable, sustainable, and resilient water infrastructure

A goal greater than the sum of its parts

The One Water partnership’s action agendas identify the challenges faced by the Great Lakes region and outline strategies to create more cost-effective water infrastructure that is equitable, sustainable, and resilient. Delivering on these action agendas is top priority. Successful execution will enable the partnership to fully develop the policies, systems, and institutional arrangements that will endure long beyond the completion of these projects.

One Water teams, led by community foundations across the Great Lakes basin, are implementing diverse action agendas tailored to meet each region’s unique needs.

The binational One Water partnership includes seven regional teams. There is one team each for Lakes Huron, Ontario, Superior, and Erie and three for Lake Michigan. Together, they are working to address some of the most pressing water issues facing the Great Lakes.

Building resilience against the effects of climate change

Democratizing water data collection and dissemination

Creatively addressing municipal challenges related to green infrastructure maintenance

Building capacity of local watershed management programs

Raising awareness and readiness for action to address urban and suburban flooding

Creating binational water partnerships that are changing the narrative around water use and management