Lake Ontario

Unflood Ontario–A Network of Local Collaboration

The Lake Ontario team comprises ten community foundations that extend from the area known as the Greater Golden Horseshoe along western Lake Ontario to the beginning of the St. Lawrence Seaway. The team aims to minimize the impact of flooding on communities and people by expanding understanding of green infrastructure, increasing permeable surfaces, improving municipal policies, and encouraging investment in green infrastructure. Educating the population about natural solutions to flooding is a key component of this team’s strategy.

Unflood Ontario is an effective and creative program to promote the many benefits of natural infrastructure. It will result in a cleaner Lake Ontario and reduce the harm done by flooding.

Bryan RoseNiagara Community Foundation

The Partners


Produced six creative videos to illustrate the problem and present solutions

Wrote five reports highlighting the need for natural infrastructure

Built a region-wide network of supporters, including many unlikely allies

Developed multilevel communications to get message out, including multilingual messaging, public service announcements, and news broadcasts such as the Weather Network


Burkhard Mausberg

Small Change Fund